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Ruba's 'Special-Tea' Candles

Make your surroundings smell beautiful!

Aroma Wax Fragrances

amazingly grace-type - bergamot, lemon, jasmine, orange blossom, rose, musk & cedarwood.

apples & berries -

apple & clover- golden apples blended with white clover flowers.

apple cinnamon - apples & cinnamons

asian amber- earthy amber & exotic asian herbs.

baby powder - smells like baby powder.

badedas-type- lavender, fir, lemon, eucalyptus, orange, cedarwood & tonka beans.

bamboo teak -

black amethyst-type- pink jasmine, rose petals, lily of the valley, coconut, lemon, musk, sandalwood & french vanilla.

black cherry - smells like black cherry.

blueberry parfait- smells like a delicious blueberry dessert.

boomberry - bold & fruity, orange, raspberry, apple, pineapple & lemon top notes.

butt naked - granny smith apples, honeydew melon, strawberries, pears & a little spice.

caribbean- blend of coconut, pineapple & vanilla ice cream.

chestnut & brown sugar-type -

cinnamon apple peach - you can smell the cinnamon, apple & peach.

cleopatra - red currant with a little egyptian musk.

coconut cream pie - smells like coconut cream pie.

cool citrus basil-type- clean, cool & crisp.

cotton patch- jasmine, violet, gardenia, lemon, vanilla & musk.

cucumber melon - honeydew melon, green cucumber, tart apples, watery fresh greens, jasmine, lavender, sweet lilac blossoms, bergamot, violet & soft woody musk.

dragon's blood - amber, incense, patchouli.

dream catcher -